Privacy Policy

HB Technologies Limited's privacy policy is to allow visitors to its web site at the registered domain - - to provide us with any personal information at their discretion. To protect our customers' privacy, HB Technologies Limited abides by the following practices: At HB Technologies Limited, we strictly protect any personal information we receive. Information is secure from misuse or unauthorised access and is not passed on to any of our partners or third parties without prior consent. HB Technologies Limited's web site does not use cookies to store user information. Only a user's IP address, date/time of visits and pages visited are logged automatically by our web server. This information is required for the system administration of the web server. With our electronic newsletter subscription, registration may be cancelled at any time by the person registered for subscription on our web site. Registration information adheres to the same strict secure policies as all other personal information maintained by HB Technologies Limited. Once our customers cancel their subscription, their registration information is immediately removed from our system. Personal information for technical support contracts stored on our web site is used for authentication purposes only. This is to allow us to provide technical support only to those customers who have purchased a technical support contract from us. If at any time you believe HB Technologies Limited has not followed these principles, please do not hesitate to let us know via email at We will endeavour to ascertain and correct any issues raised as quickly as possible.


This privacy policy may be revised at any time, so the user is advised to review it regularly. Please also read Terms & Conditions.