HB Technologies Limited is a diversified software outsourcing company that gives technology solutions to business enterprises around the world. HB Technologies Limited specializes in developing applications using both the Internet and Desktop technologies. The company has proven expertise in delivering low cost, but high quality and reliable software solutions and services in areas such as Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Manufacturing, E-Learning, Finance and many other business systems.

The strength of HB Technologies Limited lies in its human resources and its challenge for timely delivery of the most complicated and advanced software to its clients. Backed by a talented pool of software professionals having decades of experience in different industrial verticals and technologies.

HB Technologies Limited offers you dedicated service throughout the software development life cycle, with a round the clock support.

The world-class management team at HB Technologies Limited is constantly sharpening its technique and refining its approach to raise the bar of the class of IT services provided to its clients. The in-house graphic design team at HB Technologies Limited create intuitive user interfaces for the Software Applications, Conceptualise and Create Corporate Identities Including Logos, Stationery Designs, Presentation Backgrounds, CD Covers, and much more. The company has no dearth in the diversity and assortment of software development services and provides you with a wide range of options that can match your needs, fit in your budget, and at the same time suit your business plan.

HB Technologies Limited firmly believes in directing the clients to enjoy constant increase in quality and productivity through the application of the latest technical tools. Our forte lie in our quality services that act as an eye opener for the customers to conduct business more creatively and effectively. HB Technologies Limited continues to evolve in numerous ways, all of which are designed to make its services more beneficial and useful for you.


* being Honest and Fair
* being both Dependable and Reliable
* providing good Value for Money
* being Friendly and Approachable
* keeping OUR PROMISES

We offers you dedicated service throughout the software development life cycle.